My secret family: the Big Four over 13000 streets at the top of the Global Ranking

After over 3 months with Global Rank 1 attached to my CS profile, I lost the top spot to @aaron_fitzsenry earlier today when he reached the remarkable total of 15335 streets! I never exchanged any message with him but today, I want to congratulate him on this forum for being a so consistent strider (and streak runner - I suppose), especially in the last months. He has logged around 1000 streets per month recently, and while I have remained consistently over 700 streets/month since June by running an average of over 13 miles or 21 km daily and collecting streets every single day, I could not defend this honorific lead any longer.

Aaron’s obvious goal of running all the streets in Rhode Island is both ambitious and inspiring, and I am often curious to follow his progress. I even calculated how many streets Rhode Island has and how much are still missing to complete this goal (hint: he has already run around 70%, but the last 30% with streets in the South West will be an interesting challenge). And while I am talking about Rhode Island, I also want to congratulate the other 2 runners from the smallest US state who are in the CS top 15 as well. They are very entertaining on social networks.

I also want to congratulate @jason (leader until June 28th 2021) and @krzysier (leader for most of 2020) who topped the list before me. I find their achievements very impressive and they have inspired me a lot, before I caught up and ever since. I even feel pain when they have no time to run new neighborhoods! :wink: Although I know it is never sure we will get the opportunity to explore new places indefinitely, I wish them to reach at least 20000 streets in the future.

While I congratulate the runners who I feel belong to the same family of hardcore striders, I think it would be nice to clean up the ranking a bit. I mentioned elsewhere the street miscount when several streets share the same name within a city. Unfortunately, it seems a fix is not easily available. On the other hand, a look at the currently hidden leaderboard was enough for me to realize that some cities are still not nested properly: Ottawa, Perth, Sydney and maybe others as well. A correction would be simple and nice, so as to make achievements a bit more comparable. What do you think @JamesChevalier?

Geography differs a lot all over the globe, and at the end of the day, we are collecting streets for ourselves and not to get kudos or likes, but since it is hard not to compare ourselves with others at all, a little bit more fairness would be nice.

Finally, putting the above limitations aside for a minute, I would like to share with the community a few numbers at the top of the ranking at the end of September 2021.

Global Rank 1: 15180 streets

Global Rank 10: over 9500 streets (this strider is private, rank 9 was at 10772 and rank 11 was at 9201)

Global Rank 20: 7709

Global Rank 30: 6503

Global Rank 40: 5928

Global Rank 50: 5789

Global Rank 100: 4757

Also, I am sorry that privacy reasons prevented me from sharing my life map in the last months. I look at others very often and I would have preferred to be able to share mine as well.

Keep on running / Bye.



Love the tiers! I recently broke into the top 50 and am headed towards 40. Won’t be challenging you guys who can put up high triple digits streets every month (see: How far do you live from your closest unfinished street?). Meanwhile I am slowly but surely catching up to 2 Portuguese runners who are ahead of me in attempting to run all 4000 streets in the city of Lisboa.

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Reading this made my day! Congrats to you @dbafounta and the other 13Ks as well! I’m glad to see there are others as into CityStrides as I am (and more so). Being furloughed/laid off for 14 months is one reason I completed as much as I did as well as the fact I’ve been using CityStrides for 6 or 7 years now (it’s come a long way). I admit it was nice being #1 for a while. A new job, hernia surgery, and the fact I’ve run most of the streets within reasonable driving distance has led my progress to slow significantly. It’s amazing how “boring” my runs are when I’m not chasing streets. Can’t wait to see someone break 20,000.


Thanks so much for posting this! I love your characterization of the top striders as a family, and how you deemphasize – while still acknowledging – the competitive side. I personally like to think of us as a club, and I love hearing about the achievements of other members.

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This is so, so very well put, kindly thought out, and offers a glimpse at the type of personality that would find running thousands upon thousands of streets an adventure and not a grind.

I think it’s important to also make it clear: I’m only hoping to borrow this spot for a bit, ready to hand it off to another dedicated explorer (or iron-willed maniac) very soon! Currently at the peak of a training cycle and I’ve needed a distraction goal to chase leading up to race day. The RI thing started as a joke, then a hobby, and has admittedly become… a little consuming :slight_smile:

I don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to work, kiddo, life, you know. I’ll likely never travel much, so I really value the combination of micro-exploration and a bit of voyeurism when looking at everyone else’s amazing maps. I am tremendously thankful to the city strides community for being the adventurers they are and to James for creating a tool that lets us all play for high scores in our own favorite ways. Geography really determines what’s possible (and the US East coast is very dense), so those big towns with fewer but much longer streets are no less impressive to complete.

After loads of miles filled with solitude and introspection, it’s hard to maintain purpose and motivation. Thanks Denis for making me and a bunch of others a little less lonely out there! As for the privacy aspect, we should all be thoughtful for our own unique situations, glad you choose to do what’s smartest for you. Be safe everyone!


I just went from 41 to 38 and at the same time crossed 6000 streets, so that’s the new current threshold for top-40!

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