My default city is incorrect

For some reason the dropdown menu only shows Woodside. My default city should be Menlo Park CA. I can’t figure out how to change it in settings, because the list only has Woodside.

Maybe Menlo Park isn’t in CityStrides. Can you share a link to that city’s page and your profile page?

Yes it is definitely here. 110 striders, 401 streets

Just need your profile link now.

Oops sorry here it is soren bergeson - CityStrides

OK, I just queued up a pile of work to reprocess your data - this will take some hours but we should see your city percentages update & Menlo Park appear in your list after it’s done.

Fantastic! Thanks for this.

It looks like my new runs are being added, but my default city is still Woodside. Is there any way to change it to Menlo Park?

You set the default city in settings

Ok thanks-- my dropdown menu only had Woodside as an option. It since has expanded. I think it was just up to waiting for more of my runs to be transferred from Strava. All better now.