My city isn't there (yet?) - how can I run it?

I usually just zoom in on the lifemap, click node hunter, click a random node and there you have the city name. Open city and you can click country in top left corner.

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Ah, didn’t think of that, good way!

How is it going with Pristina on cs?

The Regions in Kosovo (e.g. Relation: ‪Rajoni i Ferizajt‬ (‪6898087‬) | OpenStreetMap ) don’t exist at an admin_level (or maybe it’s as simple as not being tagged e.g. admin_level=4), so I need to figure out how to rework my city import code.

If I can tag all the districts as admin_level 4, that’ll speed up my efforts quite a bit. I’ll ask about that in the OSM Slack group when I have the chance.
Either way, I’m hoping to have the country imported by the end of next week.

Okey Thank a lot

Is it possible to add Istanbul, Turkey as well?

Thank you…

Its in city strides already. Happy striding!!

Hrm… Looks like Istanbul only exists at the Region level in OSM: Relation: ‪İstanbul‬ (‪223474‬) | OpenStreetMap
If you zoom in close to the node marking the center, right click, and choose Query Features … Then look to the left column’s “Enclosing features” section … It only has Istanbul as a State boundary.

It looks like that state-level Istanbul is what I used for İstanbul, Türkiye - CityStrides and I used admin level 6 within it for the cities e.g. Relation: ‪Fatih‬ (‪1766104‬) | OpenStreetMap