My account was blanked, was the site reset?

I logged in today after about 4 months and my account had been blanked and gone back to zero streets.

I had over 1500 streets completed. Now it is re uploading everything. Did I miss something?

I’m noticing now even my name is gone and replaced with some random number

No, the site wasn’t reset. There are two possibilities:

  1. You originally logged in via ServiceA, and then today you logged in via ServiceB - giving you a new/separate CityStrides account
  2. You originally logged in via ServiceA, at some point in the last 4 months you deauthorized access in ServiceA’s settings (deauthorization deletes all account data in CityStrides), and then today you logged in which resulted in a new CityStrides account being created for you

I strongly suspect it’s the first possibility, based on your name being replaced with a random number. Some services don’t provide much/any detail like email, name, etc. In those cases I have to populate it with something random.

I will need your profile link and your name to help you out. I can search the site for your other account, and if one exists then I can merge them together.

Thank you

I think you are right. I keep forgetting which one I should log in with. Strava or garmin. When I log in with garmin it shows 150 streets or so. When I log with strava. it shows about 1000 streets. Both are short of the 1500 or so I should have. Any suggestions ho how to delete the garmin account and keep the strava one active?

This is my account here that is the one with the most streets Mystery Runner - CityStrides

Oh, actually, if you can get the other profile link for me then I can merge the two accounts and you won’t have to worry/care about which service you’re logging in with. I don’t know your name, so I can’t find it myself.
I’d advise against deleting the Garmin-connected account since you’re likely to forget again & that will put you back where you are now.

After the accounts are merged, I can run some code to figure out if you have any streets that should be marked as complete.

Oh hi Mystery Runner! I’ve seen you in the Ann Arbor striders and was intrigued by your mysterious name :upside_down_face: