Multiple users compiled into one City Strides account?


Is it possible to direct a group of runners data from individual Garmin accounts in a way that syncs with one City Strides account? I want to track progress on a group of runners in a city towards the goal of running all the streets, but viewing it in one City Stride map.
Please advise.

Thank you

I’m pretty sure that you cannot sync multiple Garmin accounts into one CityStrides account.

Probably the easiest workaround to this would be to a create a single “team” Garmin account, where everyone on the team uploads copies of their personal GPX activity files, and then sync that account with a CityStrides account.

And while I have actively explained how to do it, I’ll also mention that I think a lot of folks here would not love the idea that their personal achievements (e.g. leaderboard, attempt to be first to complete a city, etc) are pitted against another account that is actually multiple individuals. (Ditto for the Garmin site.)


I’ve gathered a few posts into Club / Crew / Group / Team for this idea.