Multiple notifications

It’s always highlight to finish a city, but something seems to have gone awry in the generation of progress and completion notices in my last city update. I received multiple notices about the same completion

. If that wasn’t odd enough, I haven’t actually finished the city in question! Just_one_more_street is running Donaustadt, Wien - CityStrides

I’m pretty sure this is a shortcoming of my city update process. Each piece is run in its own step - removing streets/nodes, creating streets/nodes, other various data cleanup, various calculations, etc. and since I have no way of knowing if a step is going to be fast (something on the scale of Donaustadt) or very slow (something on the scale of Wien) I tried to make everything “true” the entire way through the whole process. This was a good and bad decision. I seem to be very good at making those.

It’s possible for OSM edits that might be described as “move some nodes to make a street more accurate” to really be a technical action of “deleted some nodes, then created some nodes, and now the street looks right” … in these cases, my code is super psyched for you during this process and congratulates you for something and then immediately adjusts the data to a state where you haven’t done the thing.

That street you haven’t finished yet has a pile of nodes that were created in the last update. These could have been actually new nodes, or they could have been nodes that were deleted/recreated. I suspect the street got into a state where you did complete it given the data available at that moment … and then later on in the process, the new nodes were added & your progress adjusted.

I’ve never seen it that bad before, so I should review the whole process again to see if I can at least defer some notifications.


Thanks James, from what you describe it sounds like this is a known issue.

This is exactly what happened, because of some construction a 70m section of the previously completed road is shifted north-west (not by much, just enough to make the nodes incomplete :expressionless:).

I had practically finished Donaustadt a few weeks before the update, but was waiting for some OSM changes to come through to complete one or two other streets (which were edited due to inaccessible nodes) to take me to 100%. Maybe this accounts for a few of the additional notifications?

For a few brief seconds on 19.3. I completed my big project :partying_face:(I have several notifications to prove it!), then the city update immediately added 3 new streets, so I’m still waiting on the satisfaction of the 100.00% completion :sob:. I guess I’ll just have to go and grab those as well…

One thing I noticed is that the city update order seems to have changed a bit. Before all the nested cities would update as a batch, and the parent city somewhat offset. The latest round of updates only included half the nested cities, I’m guessing the rest will follow in due course.

Since I’m just playing whackamole with new streets at this point it would be nice to have them update all at once (from a geographic perspective). Would it be possible to group updates as before, ideally including the parent city as well?

This is obviously a bit of a first world problem, so a very low priority ask…