Most cities / countries

(This might be more work than I think, but I for one would vote in favor of it.)

*Would it be possible to have a page with the number of cities or communes you have run in a country? And perhaps, or perhaps not, make this into a leaderboard, to compare with others? (I have run in 15 out of 260 cities in Norway, my friend has run 13, etc). And perhaps even make this into a map to easier see which cities you’re still missing?
*And to do this same thing with countries? (How many countries have I run in?) Again, with or without a leaderboard: to me, a leaderboard would help me get out the door on a windy, cold winter night – others might perhaps feel it’s too much competition.

I know this won’t be fair until every street in the world is in Citystrides – but still, it would be great fun even when incomplete.

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This is a really interesting idea. I know of a group in the US who are trying to run every town in Connecticut. Your idea seems like a larger view of the same idea.

Maybe I should strive to build something that can accommodate any level view:

  • streets in a city
  • streets/cities in a region
  • streets/cities/regions in a country
  • streets/cities/regions/countries in the world

Do any of those levels of view seem more or less useful than the others to you?

I also love how you nonchalantly mentioned this, like it’s inevitable:

until every street in the world is in Citystrides

That’s been something that I’ve taken with me from the beginning - if I’m going to build it for myself, I might as well build it for everyone. It’s working out pretty well so far, but there’s still a lot of work to do. :grin:

Yeah, I mean, it seems inevitable to me, the way you’re constantly improving the site :slight_smile:

To me:
-streets in a city is already there, right? That’s what the percentage of a city run means? (Perhaps you could have percentage of nodes in a city…?)
-cities in a region or country is better than streets in a country. That way, you’ll at least have a slight chance of filling out the map.
-I think I’d most look at countries in the world and cities in a country. (Not sure about regions, but the more i think about it… I have run in all the Norwegian fylker! Every Swedish län! Yes, please :slight_smile: On the other hand, doesn’t regions vary enormously in size, and aren’t there regions within regions within regions, on different levels?)

But of course, I have nothing against any of these. % of streets in the world? Why, of course!

(Another thing: what do you do when borders chanhge, when communes merge etc?)

A leaderboard for total # of streets run (all cities combined) would be really interesting to see.

One for most # of different cities/states/countries would also be really cool.

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In the US, most areas have cities, County, States (equivalent to the size of most nations), and Country.

Another alternative would be to setup the map in grids (like 10 mile by 10 mile squares) and allow users to compare completions of those.