More visibility to status

This is another usability thing. I think most users would never think to go to the status page unless they go to the forum and ask a question and get pointed there. On the users home page you could also have their current status prominently highlighted. This would only be shown if they have a current activity scheduled for import with its progress. It also seems like there are several steps and its often not clear if something went wrong or if its still processing. For example the run might show up but it doesnt yet show streets completed or the lifemap is not updated. I’m a supporter and it often takes several hours for the full thing to complete from start to finish. If on the homepage it could say (activity queued for import, activity processing, activity street completion process, lifemap process) or something similar to let the user know things are processing. I think it would reduce your support footprint as you grow.

I think @dallas.devries is on to something here… it definitely seems like the status page is only discovered after one posting :laughing:

And also it would be helpful to have better insight into the pre-load time, because it seems confusing for supporters with the “less than one minute” label. I believe this is with respect to downstream of the Strava API, but even that seems ambiguous.

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This post

was supposed to have been suggesting much the same thing, or at least it was another attempt at remedying the same issue. It sort of devolved into a “how do we fix the backed-up strava API” post, though.

Yeah they are similar ideas. For me yesterday it took 5 hours minimally after run was imported for completed streets to be recognized. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or still processing but I had seen a delay before and just waited and it showed up eventually. Strava API is just one part of it but it seems like there are several different async steps that would be good to see status of.

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