Missing feature Strava activity upload


I’m missing the feature to sync a single Strava activity. I know it has been somewhere, but I don’t find it anymore. Under settings there’s only a Garmin sync field.

Or is it no longer possible?

Thanks, Björn

I know that the option is hidden if your Strava connection is paused, maybe that’s it.

Let me know if that helps or not…

It’s the exact opposite. It’s only visible, when your Strava syncing is paused. I figured that one out.

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem. I had an error in my GPS yesterday and everything was 30m off. So I deleted my run on Strava, edited the gpx file and re-uploaded it. Strava had now the correct dates but CS had removed my run and ignores every try to resync this activity.

Yeah, sorry, I had a whole :bug: in there that I’ve since fixed. That page should display the single activity sync UI properly now.

If you were attempting to do the single activity sync while your Strava syncing was paused (to get around that bug) then those requests to sync would not have been successful. You can give it another try now that the UI bug is fixed.

Thanks, it works now.

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