Missing/Broken Cities Tracker

@JamesChevalier, I am wondering if the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker is still in use…? If not, what is the new procedure to add cities? If it is in use, how often do you go through it?

I don’t mean any disrespect or pressure because I know how much work you do on this website, but it’s been a while since I added 30+ cities to that list (all marked Green & Fixed in OSM, and all with correct OSM Relation/Way links) that haven’t been added yet. And the overall list just keeps getting longer (359 as of today, though many of them there don’t seem ready for actually adding).

Anyway, please do advise so we know what timeline to expect (or the new procedure). Thank you!


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Los Angeles, California, USA.
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It is still in use. I get to it roughly monthly, with varying degrees of success.

For various reasons, some additions are pushed down in priority while I’m working through them - things like requests for nested cities, certain locations that are typically problematic, etc … it’s generally the stuff that I have to actually think about.

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Awesome. :slight_smile: I totally get it how the problematic ones can drain away the time. Though I suppose the “Fixed in OSM” (Green) / “Relation” or “Way” (not “Node”) ones can generally be done all at once in one fell swoop, right? Anyway, thank you, @JamesChevalier!


Mostly … lots of stuff in England/Scotland needs closer review & I regularly come across requests for inappropriate additions - either counties or tiny neighborhoods.
So, I do have to do some review of the requests & after that’s done I do generally import up to a dozen at once. I try not to do too much at one time, though, to keep from overloading the system with the processing work.

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@JamesChevalier, is there any possible chance that I could pretty please, please request that you prioritize the California listings on the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker?

I posted the query above in July, and I originally added the cities to the list back in January, so it’s been 10 months. All of listings are green (fixed in OSM), so they’re ready to go right away.

I hate to even make this request, but, if it is possible, there are many of us here who would very much appreciate seeing the new additions go live in CityStrides. Cheers!

Thank you,
Scott Trimble
Los Angeles, California, USA.

P.S. I recommend adding a column in the spreadsheet for Date Added. That way, when everything gets alphabetized by another user, it’s still apparent which ones are the oldest requests and which ones are the newest requests. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I haven’t made progress on this list in a while. There were some backend issues that were blocking me from this effort for a while, but those are resolved now.

Additionally - part of the issue is that some of these look like questionable additions. For example Relation: ‪Veterans Administration‬ (‪10844228‬) | OpenStreetMap has (to someone on the other side of the country) a questionable name and a fairly active history of categorization changes.

That Notes field isn’t a great place for conversation. I’m going to try posting comments to the sheet with my concerns, to see if that helps move things along.

Thank you, thank you! I appreciate you working on this. :slight_smile:

As for Veterans Administration, it is an island within the surrounding city of Los Angeles. It has its own police and fire department and is technically federal land with distinct borders. It doesn’t have is a post office, so its streets still have a USPS (and thus GPS) address of Los Angeles, California, despite being separate.


:thinking: This doesn’t look like an island Relation: ‪Veterans Administration‬ (‪10844228‬) | OpenStreetMap
oh :person_facepalming: you’re not speaking literally - it’s cut out of LA: https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/207359#map=14/34.0529/-118.4543

I’ll include that in the next round, later today.

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Thank you! And thank you for all the others too. As for the one remaining California submission, it does have roads, but I had to make corrections on the public vs. private. It’s all updated in OSM now if you wanted to try adding it again. Cheers!

Hello, sorry for hijacking this thread, but I noticed a bunch of changes in LA area and it looks like these resulted in View Park-Windsor Hills getting duplicated? Not sure if this is a citystrides issue or OSM issue.

Thanks for all your work!!

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It was probably in the list, but already in the site. That can happen sometimes, and I usually catch it … didn’t this time.
The newer version is being deleted now, thanks for letting me know!

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Hello @JamesChevalier. Firstly, i am absolutely loving this site and i am slowly racking up the streets!
I am off to the Dominican Republic next month. I know that the DR is on the spreadsheet to get imported. If i recorded some walks, would they be picked up retrospectively once the DR does get imported? If not then my only alternative will be to book another holiday there :smile:
Many thanks

The answer is yes, they would. I started running & walking in Ghana before it got imported into CityStrides. And once it did, I retroactively got all those streets counted.