Mismatched completion info for a city

Here is my profile link.

I notice that there is inconsistent info for Watertown MA for me. (See screenshot.)

It (correctly) display me as having 444 streets complete, but also says I am 100%. This been like this for a while now, through multiple city updates. (I also have the :100: designation, appropriately, but a few new streets were added, that I have not gotten to yet.)

This is no big deal to me, and I will get to those soon, but thought you’d want to know, in case it is a broader problem.

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Ah, cool cool - thanks for sharing.
I have code that keeps street counts updated after city updates, and that also manage percentages if the street count changes … but there are some situations like yours where the percentage needed to be updated even though the street count didn’t change.

After the next release, the city updates will also recalculate percentages … It doesn’t seem like this will put a burden on the system (it did the ~1k people in Watertown faster than I could review it), so :rocket: