Mismatch in street numbers

Since the update yesterday something is wrong with Hans Westerback is running Rinkeby-Kista stadsdelsområde, Stockholms län - CityStrides. First it says there are 157 streets, then I have 156 completed and 0 incomplete. And my percentage is 99.36% only.
Actually there are four runners who have completed this city, but now all have 99.36%

@JamesChevalier Can you take a look?

I was able to spot exactly which step of the city update didn’t run & re-running that resolved the data issue. I’ll need to research further into why that step didn’t complete, though.

Thanks, great job!

OK, now I have another example of a calculation mis-match. If I look at my profile it says “Solna kommun” Hans Westerback is running Solna kommun, Stockholms län - CityStrides is at 100%, all 350 streets.
But when I click the city I see I have 349 streets complete, and one missing. It seems a smal part has been added to Eugeniavägen a week ago, so, no problems, I can run it and fix it. But strange that I have 100%, it was just a coincidence that I noticed this, normally I just check in my profile that all cities are still 100%

I had this recently with City of Ryde in NSW too - 924/925 but showing 100%. It corrected itself after a while.

Well, something happened since yesterday, so it’s half way fixed. Now in my city listing in the profile it still says 350 out of 350 streets done and gives that 99,71%, not 100% today.
In the city page everything the numbers are correct 349 out of 350 and 99,71%, but I’m still tied at 1st place with two friends who really have a good 100%

Solna was updated tonight, and now all looks OK. I’m listed as in third place with my one missing node