Milestone notifications missing

When I became a supporter of citystrides last week (week before?) I got a few milestone notifications when I crossed a new 5% / 10% completion of a couple of my cities/suburbs. But in the past few week I’ve crossed a few more city milestones but not recieved a notification alert in browser (or via email).
Did I misunderstand this feature? It’s not super important I realise but it was a helpful signifier of progress.
Maybe it’s related to that twitter bug the other day that meant people got hit with hundreds of notifications accidententally?
Has anyone else noticed they’re not getting the milestone notifications or is it just me? Thanks!

We were getting barraged with them (at least myself and a few other Striders that had dozens of cities in their city list) after the previous update, but I thought James added new checks. My understanding is based on the discussion from this thread: Getting lots of notifications - #6 by JamesChevalier

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Thanks Kevin - yes I expect it is connected to that and will probably be sorted soon.

Are people now receiving again their notifications for increasing their city percentage above the next milestone amount (5, 10, 15 etc) because I’m not getting mine?
In the last month we’ve been in lockdown so I’ve been able to hit a bunch of the surrounding suburbs and it’s nice to see them ticking up towards 100. But getting the milestone notifications was an easy way to share progress with friends at meaninful intervals so I miss them.

You don’t see any in your notifications list?
If you visit Settings, and view the Notifications section, are the cities checked off?

I have never seen any other notification than this type:
Ekerö kommun was updated from OSM on 2021-10-18.
Never any ”milestones”

I see - I’ve just noticed a few things:

  • This is only available to subscribers
  • I’ve only got the in-browser notifications enabled, as far as delivery goes. So you have to actually be on the site while the background jobs figured out that you passed a milestone.
  • I have the email version ready to go, but I have to redo the notification preferences before I can turn that one. Currently, there’s only one option to Enable 'Activity Deleted' Notifications … I need to add another check box for Milestone Notifications.

Thanks James. Here’s my answers to your questions.

When I first became a subscriber I got 2 or 3 milestone notifications in my list like you’ve reached 70% of Wright. Which I read and deleted. I have not got any more since.

I also got a couple of OSM have updated your city notifications. But I deleted those after reading as well.

As to my Settings page and the Notifications section:
I had checked it in case I had mistakenly turned off the ‘I want notifications’ button. But couldn’t see any way I had done that. It has a few headings and looks like this:

And I have cities ticked in the bottom ‘Cities updated from OSM’ section including Holder which I have been covering recently. But my undertanding was that was about getting updates on when those cities have been updated in OSM and I might need to check if there is a new street or node to cover.

ctys forrest

As to your later comments:

  • Yes I am a subscriber.
  • Yes I know to look in-broswer for the notifications. I don’t need emails as I have enough emails. I am happy coming to the site and checking my milestones here whilst I’m looking at my lifemap planning my next excursion.
  • it sounds like maybe you have to be on here precisely when the site realises you have a notification and then you see it in your notifications? Well that wouldn’t happen often as my watch updates at the end of the run or walk and by the time I’m next on the site strava and citystrides will have already updated. Hopefully I misread that comment and misunderstood, haha.
  • yes it did seem like another check box for milestone notifications was missing, but I was confused because I had recieved notifications in the past.

Thanks for looking into it. It’s a great site. My talking about it and mentioning it in my strava have already got my brother onto citystrides as well.

Thanks for all this info - it was very helpful!
I was able to figure out the problem, and it’ll be fixed up in the next release.

Overall, I have a lot of work to do on the notifications. Your point of not wanting more emails, but being happy to receive them in the site, adds an important nuance to how I build these out.

That notifications list you shared in your screen shot will - after the next release - start being filled with your milestone alerts. If you happen to be on the site at the moment it’s calculated, you’ll see a little alert in the bottom right corner of the browser.

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Terrific, thank you!
Glad I could be of help.

Ah, that makes sense. I look forward to it.
Thanks for all your work on here!