Maps are blank

All my stats look correct, but this morning all my maps are blank…I’ve tried sync-ing but no changes. This is for my life map and city/townships, all blank. Show the names and % of streets complete.

There’s an issue for some devices/browsers (I haven’t completely figured out which, yet) where the whole thing falls apart after a certain amount of data is to be displayed on the map.

Which device(s) and browser(s) have you tried?

If you’re a subscriber - Does the LifeMap beta work better for you?
Details on this are available at Beta: LifeMap performance

The maps went missing from my Iphone and google chrome on my laptop this morning. I now am able to see the maps on ipone, but not on my laptop

To clarify- I can see the lifemap, but not the profile map of townships and cities.

Can you share a link to a page that has a map that does not work?

Looks like I was able to get it to work on internet explorer, but still nothing on google chrome.

OK, great (well, not great, but very helpful) … You should be able to see a marked difference between your LifeMap at Jason Snyder's Map View - CityStrides (which may not work at all) and your LifeMap at (which should work wonderfully and includes a new time filter in the button on the right).

Let me know if the beta version doesn’t work for you (and explain as much as you can, to help me debug it).

The core issue here is that there’s a lot of data to display on the page, and the non-beta LifeMap isn’t working properly. I’ll take at least a little time to try & debug it with the Mapbox team, but the beta version is just so much better that I don’t know how much effort I want to put into the old version.

Awesome. I’ll take some time later to play with it, but it looks good from initial look.