Mapping Not Accurate

I completed a run Oct 9 and the mapping file only captured about a mile and my run was just under 7 miles. Is there a way to resync that specific run or get it loaded? Strava has the correct map. I deleted it from the site hoping it would reload but I have not seen it come back. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


If you view that activity page, and go into the top right menu (your photo) - can you select “Delete Activity” from there & reply back here after you’ve done that?
(I’d do it myself, but you’re account is private so I can’t see the activity to delete it)

Thanks James. I deleted that activity a couple days ago. Let me know if anything else is needed.

Hey James, I wanted to touch base regarding my run from Oct 9. I have deleted that run but it has not resynched, is there a manual way to push that run through? Thanks for the help, loving the site.