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I am not seeing street names on my lifemap but I am seeing a line that looks like it may be the rail line that the Main Line is named for (was the R5 and is now the Paoli-Thorndale line. The line stays stationary when you move the map. It looks like an overlay that went awry.

:thinking: I can’t quite conceptualize what you describe. Is it possible to share via screen shots? Or to describe where in your LifeMap I should zoom/pan to in order to see it myself (the LifeMap updates the URL whenever you zoom/pan, so you could share a “starting point” link and a description of how to go from there).

Any purple line is one of your activities. You can click on them to view their activity page.

Oh yeah, I have this problem too. Weird.

Oh wow.

I use Mapbox for the map, which provides a number of styles (looks like there’s a new Gallery as well). I use their Streets style, and it looks like it’s glitching out a bit.

I’ve been meaning to create my own style, which would remove all non-street labels. Maybe it’s time to get around to doing that. :smile:

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Is this a quick fix, or is this something that’s going to take a while to correct?

I have no idea, and I have absolutely no control over it whatsoever. This is an issue in the base layer that Mapbox provides. :frowning_face:
There’s a little “Improve this map” link in the very bottom right corner of the map that might allow you to report the issue.

It screws up the nodes too.

I “reported” it so we’ll see if that does anything.

That had me suspicious, because I didn’t think the two layers shouldt interact with each other. I went looking through the Mapbox issues, and there it is:

I’ve rolled back the Mapbox version, and now I’ll wait on the next bugfix release.

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Hopefully this isn’t a “just me” issue, but I’m having some terribly confusing map/node alignment issues when I view my LifeMap or individual activities. Lately when I go to look at either one I get this really nice random diagonal line of letters and nodes across my screen and it stays in the same position when I scroll around, but different letters and numbers. I will clear my cache/cookies again and restart my browser again, but really not sure what’s going on with it. I’ve tried viewing specific streets only to have the nodes do the same thing and appear nicely dispersed amongst the other components of the line. I’m open to suggestions! Screenshot attached for clarification :slight_smile:

@vgellatly - See the “Map Overlay” thread that was already started about this. James addresses it.

Thanks for redirecting me! Yes, I’ve been having this same bizarre issue as well for a few days. Glad it isn’t just me :upside_down_face:

Can you confirm that it’s resolved now?
I went back a version on Mapbox, which I expected would resolve the issue. I don’t want to think I’ve fixed a thing if I haven’t. :grimacing:

Everything looks like it’s back to normal. Thanks!


Everything is back to normal for me too now. Whatever you did fixed it!

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