Map is panning super far

Is it me or is the map super responsive to panning where the slightest movement causes you to move the map 1000s of miles? Just noticed this in the last 24 hours.


Also happend to me

Good to know. At first I thought it might be a setting changed with my mouse on my desktop. But then on mobile I went from a neighborhood in Florida to Venezuela when trying to expand the map. :grinning:

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Also happened to me, frustrating while running and checking where to go.

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Same here - map jumping all over the place when I was out with my phone yesterday

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Yes, me too. It’s definitely a glitch (that I hope @JamesChevalier can easily fix). The temporary workaround that I figured out is to not use the tip of your finger to pan (since that immediately causes the 1000-mile jumps), but to pinch the zoom in or out slightly and then drag around to pan (since this doesn’t seem to trigger the problem).


I’m noticing the same issue. I’m able to consistently cause it to happen by scrolling to zoom in, quickly panning the map, and then scrolling to zoom out. I’m a supporter and on desktop using Chrome.

Update: I think I got it… Doing some more local testing…

Update: Yup, got it. Next release will fix this up, which I’ll be able to do in a few hours.

I can’t reproduce the issue unless I’m logged out on iPhone with latest version of iOS/Safari, but I’m seeing other competing experiences reported below. :thinking:

Anyone with this issue - please share

  1. Whether or not you’re a supporter
  2. Note whether Mobile/Desktop and if mobile, which specific device & if desktop, whether Mac/Windows/Linux
  3. Which browser
  4. Which page you’re on

I’m working on getting it reproduced locally, and hopefully as soon as I get that done the fix becomes quickly apparent.


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Thank you, James. Was about to send you the iPhone video but you are faster than me. As always, thank you for the quick response.

I’m having this issue on my Life Map page on both mobile (iPhone 12 mini, Chrome browser) and desktop (Windows, Chrome browser). On mobile, if I use two fingers to pinch and zoom, no problem, but one finger to pan flings me across the earth. On desktop I haven’t figured out how to contain the movement.

Reporting same issue:
Android with firefox
Pinch zoom plus move does fix.
All maps impacted

Thanks for taking a look!

Just got this fix released … everything should be good now.


Can confirm, map is now behaving. :slight_smile: Thank you @JamesChevalier!