Map filter+zoom questions

  1. When I try to filter on my lifemap for activities on a certain date, they don’t show up unless I set the end date to two days afterwards. Maybe a time zone issue?
  2. Entering an invalid filter date is confusing.
  3. Would it be possible to not reset the map view when toggling between street and satellite views?

re 1: For example if I filter with start=2015-06-30 and end=2015-07-02 I expect this activity from 2015-07-01 to show up but it doesn’t: E Hershey's Activity on July 1, 2015 - CityStrides
The start date in UTC is on 2015-07-02 so is the problem maybe that the end date filter is exclusive and it’s going by UTC date? I’m used to filtering with a margin so maybe a fix would be to just make the filter include the end date? To further illustrate, I’m attaching a screenshot showing the 07-01 activity displayed when I set the filter to show from 07-02 to 07-03, which seems extra weird.

re 2: When I was playing around with #1, if I try to filter with start=2015-06-31 (not a real date), end=2015-07-02, the map does exclude some things but still shows almost everything. It took me a while to realize I was messing up the start date. Would it be possible to show an error message if a date in the filter fields is invalid?

re 3: Often after navigating to a missing node or a street I’ve completed but don’t remember details of, I want to change to/from the satellite view to help identify the location or get more details about it. When the map resets I have to re-navigate to the view I was on previously which would be nice to not have to do.

Sorry for multiple posts in the support category without selecting a sub-category. I’m not sure if this and Website flapping belong in the activity/sync or city/street/node sub-cateogires. Maybe there should be a ‘connectivity’ or ‘website’ sub-category?

Thanks again for the site and all the user support, @JamesChevalier!

Yeah, I was misusing Date.parse so all the form-entered dates were being set to UTC. The next release will include a fix that’ll set those to the browser’s time zone.
I’m concerned about the activity time that I’m using, though, so I’m going to add the time to the activity pages. :sweat_smile: I’m fearing/expecting that these are all going to be Eastern Time (not local time). :sweat_smile:

:thinking: This might be a browser issue that I need to account for. In Firefox on a Mac, I’ve got a fairly heavy-handed date picker. It glows red if I manage to enter a bad date.

It looks like the underlying code is currently treating bad dates as no date, which for this screen shot would filter to display “everything before December 31, 2020”. :thinking: I’m going to have to play around in that code to figure out how to handle that better.

This is odd - I thought I fixed this in the latest release. :thinking: I must have more instances of that failure. I’ll have a run through the maps across the site to see where I’ve missed this.

Update 1 ugh :confounded: it looks like this issue has been in Mapbox for ~3 years … changing the style to satellite view also removes all of the other data layers (city outlines, nodes, LifeMap, etc) so I have to figure out a way to save all my existing data layers → change the style → re-add all the layers back.

Update 2 oh ok :smile: that actually wasn’t too bad - this helped quite a bit. A fix will be in the next release.

The general #support category is fine. No worries.

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