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Hi there!

Am only new to citystrides and how it works. I’m doing a January challenge of running or walking all the streets in my suburb. Once, I forgot to turn my Garmin watch on (won’t be the last time) so it only recorded some of the streets. I “manually completed” (on citystrides) the streets that I had actually walked which Garmin didn’t record, but they don’t show up in my Life Map. Don’t really want to walk these streets again as I’m on a time frame :slightly_smiling_face:. Can someone help me with this please? Diane.

I think those are the breaks if you mess up your GPS. I have a few roads to rerun because GPS was really screwy that day.

I think maybe you have misunderstood the LifeMap. It does not show your completed streets, it shows the GPS tracks of your runs/walks that you have recorded with your watch. Then if this track coincides with a street, this street will be listed as complete in CityStrides. If you mark a street as manually completed this cannot be seen in your LifeMap

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Thank you Hans, great explanation. Looks like I’ll have to walk those streets again then. Thanks for commenting.

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GPS is wonderful. But sometimes not :smile:.

If you are using runkeeper you can create activities manually. Log activity → save. You then have the option to add a trace on the map and to add your route point-by-point. Once your new ‘activity’ is saved you can synch to citystrides as usual and the trace should show on the life map.

This could be an option for you if you can remember your route. It’s a fair bit of clicking though, I would recommend just doing the walk again :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if this workaround is possible for other trackers as well, or if it’s just for runkeeper.

Good to keep this in mind, thank you.