Manually completed Streets- Please help!

Hello James- First of all, I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you put in every day on this site. I was hoping that you could help me out. I recently went thru my list of completed streets and saw that I have 11 completed streets that read as manually completed when in fact I physically ran them. It seems that my Dec 13, 2017 Activity date may not have properly synced and is partly to blame. On that date, I physically ran to completion 5 streets that are not marked as complete for that date, but appear as manually completed (they are: Ashby Ave, Bagley Ave, Courtney Ave, Effington Ave and Fairchild Ave). This also appears to have happen for 7 other streets on various dates. Is it possible to clear this up? Let me know what I can do on my end to help out and much thanks in advance.