Lost ~200 Streets

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After some recent city updates I have lost around 200 streets from Auckland. I have been keeping a manual track of the number of streets completed both for Auckland and all it’s nested cities - oddly the Auckland street count dropped but I couldn’t see any corresponding drop in the nested cities.

Is there any way of finding what streets I lost? Is it possibly just a processing issue from the recent city update?

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Main city: Auckland, NZ 172050

They most likely will come back after the reprocessing is complete. It takes a little while for cities with large street counts (I believe the data comes back in bunches as it has happened to me the last few times for NYC). Give it a day.

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well whaddya know - streets have come back :slight_smile:

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Yes, I had the same problem when Stockholm was last updated, I think it took like 15 hours to resolve

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