Long line on my map?

Any idea how I can delete this long line that I did not run?

I’m guessing that’s Strava. If you select that activity in Strava and then the three horizontal dots, and then crop, you should be able to crop out the line. I’ve had something similar. Hope that helps.

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A local runner has these all over his map because he starts a walk on strava then pauses it and rides to a new location and then continues the same walk. Usually because he wants to get to 5km and hasn’t done that before having to travel to somewhere else. So there’s lines all over the lifemap and random streets collected so he’s never going to go back and correct them all :laughing:

But note that those straight lines are not really part of the run. That is, if the line seems to pass directly over some nodes, those nodes will still be red. That’s because you don’t have any GPS points registered along the line, it’s just a fictive line drawn from the last GPS point before you stopped the watch, till the first GPS point when you start the watch again

Thanks Hans. I’ve wondered about that. If he sits in the car for for a while before pausing his strava then that curvy line along the road counts but not the long lines between points. They just bug me on an aesthetic level when viewing the lifemap.