Long activity should have a hundred or more streets "Progressed" but only says "2"

A few days ago I completed my first 200+ mile run. It was on road and went past several streets… too dang many streets really. Wasn’t expecting a lot of “completed” streets but did look forward to seeing how many would be “progressed” afterwards. Interestingly the activity in CS shows that only 2 streets were “progressed”. There is no way this is accruate.

Is this a known issue on lengthier or mult-day events due to the file or some other thing? Any resolutions?




I’m surprised there were any … The system early-exits if the activity is longer than 200 miles. The only time I’ve seen activities that long from people tracking transcontinental flights as walks.

I’ll look into manually processing it for you…

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That’s better - 40 completed, 518 progressed

Was that a single run (start your watch, run 212.79 miles, stop your watch)?


That was quick! Thanks for looking into it and pushing a fix already.

It was 1 single activity over the course of 72 hours. Paused and used the “Resume Later” feature on the watch maybe 3 times for any longer breaks (up to 3 hours each break). Did that to preserve what battery I could on the race.


That’s epic! I did a 2-person Ragner in 2021, splitting 200 miles relay-style with my buddy over 34 hours and that was crazy enough. Don’t think I’ll ever reach the 50+ mile level of ultrarunning


Wow this is insanely epic (both the distance & duration of the run, and the immediacy of the response & correction)


Wow what a run!

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