Logged-In Homepage Update

The homepage while you’re logged in has been updated. I’m aiming for this to be more of a go-to stats page for yourself:

  • latest activities
  • recently completed streets
  • default city progress
  • some site-wide competitive stats

I don’t think this is done but I’m hoping that it’s better.


Good work! A few little comments:

  • The current city is great, good idea.
  • A lifemap & profile link directly on the page would be nice (to not have to use the drop down menu).
  • The “recently completed streets” is probably of no use to me (sorry). Once they are done they are gone forever! haha. The heatmappers motto.
  • I would rather see my top 3 cities at the top, maybe?
  • A few “profile tiles” are missing their little top border. But not all of them? Weird.

The real thing I’m missing from a home page is probably a “following” section, so I can follow my friends instead of bookmarking all their life maps. I know this one is already on your radar.

Again, good work!

The default city progress isn’t that relevant for me as i have already completed it.
I’m actually on my third city right now.

Unless people change their default city to whatever they are running right now?

And the recently completed streets are not recent at all, some of them are pretty old?

The top border tiles are people who have donated to the site.

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That’s a good point. Filtering out 100 % cities would make sense.

And we should get a star or something for being a supporter, that purple bar is very subtle!

The street search @city view dissapeared for me on Chrome…


Other than that I love to see my top city on the homepage.

I’ll have to figure out where to place the LifeMap/Profile links - I’m thinking above the default city, so that it’s at the very top of the page … that, or below the Most Completed Streets displays so that it’s at the very bottom of the page. :man_shrugging:

My idea with the recently completed streets listing is to answer the question of “Did I get it?” - hopefully to easily determine if the last activity completed a street or not … but I suppose, after thinking about it a bit more, a person knows if they ran down a street or not. :flushed: :man_facepalming:
I really want to display recently progressed streets, but that’s wildly ‘expensive’ to query.

Those top borders are highlighting Supporters. I think I’ve mentioned how much of a designer I’m not :laughing: and it’s really telling here - I think I need some kind of ‘badge’ thing to overlay on top of the avatar photo, rather than some weird purple border. :grimacing:
Oh - lol - I just scrolled down to add some additional replies to this message & saw the full conversation about the border & a star. Glad we all agree! :smiley:

Yeah, I really want a Friends/Following feature - I’m nervous about how much effort the privacy aspect of this feature will be. I need to spend some time to plan it out.

@hjkiddk Yeah, I’m expecting that people change their default city to whichever city they’re currently trying to complete.
I think I still have this bug where completed streets are associated with the first activity instead of the last. :frowning_face:

@arbel2025 Yeah, I swapped out the whole system that displayed streets & I completely flaked on the search feature. That’ll come back soon!

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love it :slight_smile:

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hmmm real impovement to goto the profile page first!

some remarks:

  1. … number of completed and incompleted streets is missing in profile/city view
    if I go to striders I see myself but with a wrong number of streets

  2. recently run street is strange, some are right but the first streets are from long ago

  3. In the profile page I see a lot of redundant data espcially my own avatar :slight_smile:

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… number of completed and incompleted streets is missing in profile/city view

I’m not sure what you mean by this - can you share a screenshot to highlight the missing data?

if I go to striders I see myself but with a wrong number of streets

The “completed streets” displayed under your name is your total number of completed streets - not just the completed streets for the city you’re viewing.

recently run street is strange, some are right but the first streets are from long ago

Yeah, I’m unsure how this is happening. I may need to update my data structure a little bit…

In the profile page I see a lot of redundant data

It’s just the activity “card” content that’s redundant, right? Avatar, name, completed, progressed. I can clean that up a bit…

there are two numbers of streets:

  • 6447 = number of streets in Amsterdam
  • 5597 = (not) completed streets in Amsterdam
    i miss the number 71,2% of 6447 = 4590 ‘streets’ completed

and also ‘wrong’ in the striders ranking view

Ah, yeah, 5597 should be the total number of streets you have completed on Earth (I haven’t expanded yet).

That’s a really impressive map, by the way!

a pity that the moonmap is not yet incorporated, within a few years there will be tourist there I heard since the Mount Everest is full :wink:

a few little remarks:

the ‘sync now’ button works but there is no signal that it has started and I would love a signal that it is finished (the same with the deletion)

the home marker disappears behind the lines, it was on top first

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Sorry, what’s the “home marker”? :grimacing:

in the city view there is a icon in the ‘midst’ of a city looking like a temple (colums and triangle roof or timpanon). If I click on it I see the properties of the object City (name, number of streets and contestants). But in my case it is buried under the lines while it was on top in the earlier version

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I see now that the top 3 most recently completed streets are staying the same streets, some from long ago in the my profile look. The other streets are ok

It works fine now but I miss one item of the cities I run in: I can see the total number of streets I have run and the total number of streets in my city but not anymore the number of ‘streets/objects’ I have run in a city and the number of ‘streets/objects’ i have to run to complete the city.
Instead I see now the number of pages of uncompleted streets.
of cours i can multiply the number of streets with 12 (streets on a page) and look at the last page how many streets i have to subtract but it would be easier if the application did the arithmatics :slight_smile:

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the uppermost 3 recently run streets on the home page are still wrong, old streets i have run long ago

I was writing a separate post and came across this one from forum suggestion. Here was my feedback.

This is just basic feedback from a site usability perspective. I think that the home screen (for me) is not very useful. Most of the real estate is to show just 4 top leaders which isn’t useful to most people (other than the 4-8 people usually listed). The recently completed streets is also not something I personally ever care about and it also uses up a fair amount of real estate. This page doesnt really have any of the info I’m looking for when I login. When I first started using the site it was really confusing to figure out the navigation and that I had to go to the upper right to find my profile and lifemap which is where I think people spend most of their time (to go to either see their completed activities and city percentages). The profile page feels like more of a hub or “home” and conveniently links to your lifemap. Anyways I figured I would throw this out there I know you have a ton on your plate. I can navigate around fine now but it was just something that was less intuitive when I was first using the site and may affect other new users. Ideally it would take something similar to the profile page and work some other data into like listing challenges or showing your street rank that links to a more robust leaderboard system.

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