List streets by closest node

When planning my run, I tend to gravitate towards the streets closest to my current location so I can minimize driving. But the inverse within a city would also be helpful for days when I have more time.

Are you thinking of something like this, to give yourself a few streets to select from?

  • Tap the ‘crosshairs’ button to place yourself on the map
  • View a list of incomplete streets sorted by distance away from you
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Yeah I think that would solve it, maybe a sorting option on the street list?

I like the idea of dropping a crosshair on the map.It would be useful for checking completion in areas where the node hunter hits the 1000 node limit because of the zoom level.

This slightly different phrasing brings up a whole different approach…

The “crosshairs” button in the top right of the map adds a blue dot to the map where you are & tracks your movement (super helpful when you’re out on a run and want to make sure you stay on a route).
This idea of clicking a spot on the map & having it display the closest streets from that location seems very useful as well. I’m thinking of a situation where you want to go run a neighborhood - the closest street from where you currently are could be in an entirely different direction.

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