Custom distance areas (not exactly a city)

I’ve received this idea through email, and I’ve noticed one strange activity that turned out to be a hacky way of achieving the same idea…

The core idea would allow you to select a location e.g. your house, and set a distance to use as the radius around the location e.g. 10km around your house.
Perhaps taking it another step further, and plotting that 10km as the actual distance via streets (isochrone distance) - as opposed to an exactly 10km perfect circle around the location.

That is an interesting idea which would be an fun way to change up just completing towns/cities. If you implemented that idea, maybe have the ability to expand say from 5 to 10, etc km so as you finish one area of distance, you can work on the next.


I would enjoy this feature. I’ve been doing it informally as I noticed that I’m getting closer to finishing all the streets within 5 km (as the crow flies and on my side of the river).

Seeing the two types of boundaries described above would definitely be a valued feature for me. It would incentivize me to get all the streets right across the river that are in a different city.

Sounds like what we were trying to figure out in this post last year :wink: How far do you live from your closest unfinished street?


I would absolutely use this feature. I’m always looking for the next-closest street to run from my house now that I finished one city. The isochrone distance would be a good metric to track a new goal! I’m manually doing a similar thing at the moment - plotting routes to new streets to compare, but love the idea of seeing the map and knowing there are multiple street options available to run to obtain the next circular distance ‘level’.


I too would like this. Gotta imagine my nearest uncompleted node is now at least 3 miles away. The uncompleted parts of the main city I’m working on (Saint Paul) are now ~ 6 miles away. In the meantime, alleys of Minneapolis!

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Great idea! I live in a major metropolitan city (Atlanta) with over 4300 streets so this would add a new metric to visually see how much of an area I’ve completed near my home.

Going along with this it’d also be cool to be able to include areas that are distinct communities within a larger city but not considered cities on CS. I recently completed Buckhead, Atlanta and it’s 43 different neighborhoods but it would have been nice to be able to see the progress status and boundaries along the way for this community. As a note, is another service I use because it includes individual neighborhoods for bigger cities & shows % of completion plus includes new miles completed.

Here’s a link to show outline of Buckhead, Atlanta (20% of Atlanta).