Limiting dates

Is there a way to remove runs? I just started and want to run all the streets in my city, but I only want to start counting runs this year (so 1/1/21). Is there a way to set the dates of the sync from Strava?

Hi and welcome.

I am not aware of a way to limit the import, but once importing is done, you can delete activities (here on CS). Of course this will be one by one, so maybe there is a better way. Note: The option to delete is on the imported activity’s (individual) page.


Well, you could create a new Strava/garmin/etc. account that only has the runs from this year and connect this to CS. You can still sync the runs into your main account. Or upload the run to two accounts.

Depending on the amount of historical runs in CS, it might be easiest to disconnect from Strava and I believe it gives you the option to delete all previous historical syncs. Once you do that, you can reconnect and don’t import historical… so just from that day forward. Since we are pretty close to the beginning of the year, you could import the last weeks worth of runs individually… Go to Settings and towards the bottom (see image) you can import those missing runs that way.

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