Limit Free accounts to 2000 streets

2000 streets is more than enough to get anyone hooked. People with greater 2k streets could be forced to become subscribers, to continue syncing new activities.

Love this idea. Looking at the weekly/monthly leaderboards it seems like most heavy users are supporters, but obviously not all. People with >2,000 streets (or whatever number is selected) are using the service a ton, and requiring a subscription makes a lot of sense. It is without a doubt the subscription service I get the most out of, and same probably holds true for many Striders here.

I also agree with this idea. However, one shortcoming to consider is that some folks will join CS having already run >2000 streets, in which case they would need to pay a subscription from their initial use, which doesn’t seem fair.

Maybe this challenge can be circumvented by simply counting the # of streets completed AFTER the initial sync?


Interesting idea. One thing that came to mind is to grand-father people in.

Would seem unfair to change the rules on those who have been around awhile.

Edit: I do not consider myself someone who has been around awhile.

Problem I could see with implementing this is that a person could hit 1999 (or whatever max is -1) streets and then not care about running new streets. In this scenario, their activities would continue to be processed by CS and take up Strava API calls. I believe if a restriction was set on free accounts similar to what you propose, it would be on the number of activities. (ex: Welcome to CityStrides new user! We’ll process your last 250 runs and then 250 future runs. Once you hit 500 total you’ll need to subscribe (min $2 a month)

If CS continues it’s growth even a restriction like this wouldn’t suffice. Ex: CS hits 50k users. Each user on average uploads 1 new activity a day. That would mean 100k new API calls per day. With 30k daily call limit, it would build a backlog that would never complete.

James’ work on a Garmin integration seems to be the best way forward at this point. This way users can push data from Garmin (if they are using a Garmin device) directly to CS and cut Strava out as a middle man. They can still have Garmin push to Strava it just wouldn’t go Garmin -> Strava -> CityStrides. It would be Garmin -> CityStrides and separately Garmin -> Strava.

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I think this is a great idea, but I wonder if 2000 is too high a limit. It’s more streets than most cities have (Italy has 12 cities >2k streets, France has 6). I think a limit of 1000 streets from the time of sign-up would probably be sufficient…

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I like the idea. Not sure on street limit but what about free for 6 months? or something like that? I think anyone who uses the site frequently should hav no problem subscribing as long as the $2 min fee is there.


Seems fair. The subscription is very, very reasonable. Not a big ask to have folks subscribe for a very nice service.

What is the logic behind this idea? I have nearly 3000 streets, I’ve been paying a subscription, but now I’ve finished my city I will let my subscription lapse. In future I will use CS a lot less, but don’t want to be forced to pay a subscription based on streets achieved in the past

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This idea is a resurrected topic and was suggested in the heat of some site issues last year at the start of the Pandemic. Citystrides had a much lower allowed volume through Strava at the time and activities were delayed not just minutes, but hours, days, even weeks for new users to get their histories brought in, so users were suggesting ways for James to reduce the site load to stay within the limits Strava had imposed.