LifeMap Poster Preview error

I tried to preview the LifeMap Poster of city Ljubljana, but I get the following error:

There was an error generating your LifeMap Poster Preview
glib: XML parse error: Error domain 1 code 77 on line 1 column 53643752 of data: Premature end of data in tag svg line 1

Can you fix it?

Your account is private, so I can’t view your LifeMap to see if there’s something odd about the data in/around Ljubljana.
I was able to walk through the code that produces the preview in both landscape & portrait, and it ran successfully for your account.

I’m unsure why it failed for you earlier, but works for me now. Can you try again?
In the meantime, I’ll continue looking into it to see if I can spot what went wrong…

I tried it right now and it works. Why it didn’t work last time, I have no idea. Thanks anyway.

I suspect that Something Happened™ in the initial preview attempt, which was cached (the LifeMap generation query is slow, so I cache it so you can more easily flip back and forth between some views), and all the rest of the attempts just returned the same bad data.
I’m doing some work now that will hopefully address some aspects of this…