LIfemap orientation

Help! By some arcane (and unknown) combination of mouse usages I have managed to rotate my Lifemap away from its North orientation, and I can’t figure how how to return it to North. I can’t find anything in the forum about this, can anyone help?

CityStrides profile link: Mel Cox - CityStrides

Edit: I have (equally accidentally) found a solution. If you go into route builder and click the four arrows icon to size your window to the built route, you return to north orientation.

A few options for returning your page to North orientation:

  1. reload the page (will reload in default - North - posiiton
  2. use a touch screen to rotate with two fingers
  3. right-click lifemap for rotation capability

Thanks Dave. I had tried options 1 and 3 - reloading came back still rotated and right clicking produced no result at all. No touch screen on my PC to try option 2… :slight_smile:

At least on a Mac, clicking and dragging with two fingers will rotate the map.

Can you share info about your browser, device, and operating system? :thinking: Basically none of the experiences you’re having (outside of the map rotation feature) should happen.
Refreshing the page should absolutely revert the map orientation. The page refresh action is fully reloading the page - it should have no concept of what was changed prior to the refresh.
Using any of the buttons on the map should not change the map orientation.

Did you have to do both things? These two features are fully separate from each other.

Hi James, my device is an ASUS PC running Windows 7 (yes, really) and my usual browser is Firefox v115.11.0esr (64 bit). I must confess that I didn’t actually refresh the screen, I reverted to a page from my browser history which is always my starting point for getting into CityStrides.

I cannot for the life of me reproduce whatever it was I did to rotate the map in the first place, so haven’t been able to test whether a simple refresh would re-orient the map.

I didn’t quite follow your last question " Did you have to do both things?" - which two things are you referring to?

Thanks for the extra details!

I went hunting through Mapbox documentation (my map software), and it looks like there might be some keyboard shortcuts that can also rotate the map:

Shift + ⇢ will increase the rotation by 15 degrees
Shift + ⇠ will decrease the rotation by 15 degrees

I think it makes sense that the rotation was not reset when you reverted to a page from your browser history, because my web framework has some Stuff™ that captures forward/backward navigation so that I can hold onto one single map instance for your entire CityStrides visit.
If the issue does happen again, I think a page refresh in the browser will quickly sort it out.

You mentioned that you went into Route Builder and then clicked the four arrow icon to make the map full screen.
I’d expect that opening Route Builder wouldn’t play a role & that the step could be skipped. :sweat_smile: The whole situation is pretty wild, though, so I’m not exactly relying on expectations right now. :rofl:

Hi James, I was referring to the four arrow icon within the route builder toolbar (which resizes the view to the size of the route). The four arrow icon on the general toolbar (toggle full screen) doesn’t seem to do anything. Similarly SHIFT+left or right arrow doesn’t seem to do anything.

Literally nothing happens when you click that button? :thinking: What about the button with the globe icon on it, above that? How about the Node Hunter button (the button with the magnifying glass icon in the left set of buttons)?

This might be a Mac/PC thing that I can’t test directly, since I only have a Mac… But a lot of what you’re describing sounds like there could be some underlying JavaScript issue going on.

I would be interested in whether any of the behavior we’ve been discussing changes if you hold your shift key down and click the browser’s refresh button.

Yes, there is no discernible change when I click that button. The globe icon successfully toggles between street and satellite view, and the node hunter button successfuly displays un-bagged nodes.
Pressing SHIFT+F5 brings up a Firefox Profiler panel at the bottom of the screen, but doesn’t seem to alter behavious within the CityStrides panel.