LifeMap not updating

I did an 8 mile run over the weekend where I completed 27 streets and progressed 3 more. When I initially uploaded to Strava the app took off over half a mile of distance. I deleted it from Strava and once I re-uploaded the distance was correct. I had not synced it to CityStrides so when I did my sync it synced the correct run but for some reason my LifeMap won’t show the route I ran, however, it lists all of the streets as completed in my completed streets log. Is this just a syncing issue caused from the Strava error or is there some kind of delay? I did a manual sync around 3 hours ago and I am a supporter.

I suspect there’s something technical going on in the background of the site. I manually uploaded an activity half an hour ago and it still hasn’t processed the completed streets despite virtually no delay reported on the Status page - nor has it appeared on my lifemap.

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I don’t know why, but I had to re-run the LifeMap generation for your account. It’s in there now, though.

@kevincharlespels The stuff you’re seeing is different (well, the non-LifeMap stuff anyway).
I’ve got a default queue that a pile of jobs get sent to. It usually doesn’t get backed up, but right now there’s about an hour delay. I’ve started up another worker to speed that processing up.

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Cheers it’s gone thru now! Not the sort of thing I’d normally complain about, at least not after such a short interval, but was wondering if it was a larger issue when I saw the OP.