LifeMap not showing the same activities when logged in

Hi there!

My profile is Zoltán Cserei - CityStrides

I have synced my Strava account and then manually deleted a bunch of activities that do not belong to my systematic “run every street of Budapest” project.

Since the LifeMap wasn’t showing correctly, I did this twice, deleting quite a few activities manually.

Now, the same thing is happening.

When I’m logged in, my LifeMap shows all the 27 activities that I left in my account, however, when someone else visits my profile or when I open it in an incognito window, all the activite show up, but the LifeMap is just rendering three of my most recent runs.

When I go to your account I see 27 activities, and this LifeMap

This is the actual view of those 27 activities, this is what I see when I’m logged in:

Are some of the 27 activities on your profile set to private? This could cause the problem you are having. You may need to change permission of each activity for them to show up for eveyone to view.

Strange, when I open an activity’s edit view it’s visibility is already set to “share with everyone”, yet when I hit save the run shows up in the unauthenticated LifeMap as well.

Thanks, that might be it. I have no idea what caused them to hide, though.

Seems to be good now, although I’m pretty certain I’ve hit a bug here.

The runs showed up before I deleted to non-related activities, they also showed up in the list of activities, just not on the map. Now that I’ve saved all of them again, without changing the sharing setting (all of them were on “Everyone”), they all show up on my map.


To add some context…

I had a bug for a while that caused many activities to be seen as private, even if they were marked public. I suspect there’s still some data out there that is in this state, so I’m looking into that now.

Separately (this gets weird so I’ll try to fully explain), I’d advise against deleting activities in CityStrides with the expectation that they will remain deleted if you haven’t also removed the activity from the tracking service.
These activities will re-sync if a full account sync is requested. I don’t usually send off full account syncs, but it’s possible … Given the amount of work behind pruning activities in CityStrides to get them in some preferred special state, and given that this special state is not guaranteed to remain perfectly this way, I have to be conservative and advise against this special pruning. More of a “safest way of setting expectations” thing as opposed to a warning that your data is definitely going to return.
2 Caveats: This doesn’t apply to Garmin accounts, because of their inconvenient API setup. This much more heavily affects Runkeeper accounts, because of how I have to poll for new data (all other services send alerts for new data).
Suggested workaround: Instead of deleting any activities, create a Challenge to set start/end dates for your effort. Let your LifeMap be exactly that - your Life Map & let your time boxed Challenge exist for your current effort.