Lifemap Not Retroactively Updating

Hi, I just discovered this and am so excited about it! I initially just did it with my recent Strava data, but then I decided it was cool enough that it was worth uploading a bunch of past workouts to Strava so I could see everything. Those activities are now showing in my profile, but not when I view the Life Map. Any advice? Thanks so much!

Profile Link: Rachel Redmond - CityStrides

Are you tracking yourself with something other than Strava? If so, how are you actually tracking yourself?

There can be a delay in the LifeMap build, especially for non-supporter accounts. You can review the “LifeMap Delay” section of the Status page for up to the minute details on that.

Another gotcha is that saving multiple activities “at once” … where “at once” means “fast enough that the LifeMap is not fully built for each activity” … that’ll cause only the first activity to trigger the LifeMap rebuild & the subsequent activities won’t appear.
Two ways around this are to upload activities slowly, one at a time… or to upload a pile of activities at once, saving one activity for a much later upload.

It sounds like you’re backfilling a Strava account with data from another source, so I wouldn’t expect you to have this problem more than once - on this initial data load.
It would be helpful to know your actual tracking service - I might be able to add that integration directly.

It’s now showing—thank you! I track via Garmin and then upload that to Strava. I had uploaded a bunch (like 700?) of activities to Strava basically at once, so things probably just needed to catch up, and now have! Thanks so much—again, this is awesome!