Lifemap missing parts of activity

I have noticed recently that parts of runs seem to be missing on lifemaps, specifically the furthest point of an out-and-back. See for example the southernmost bit on this run When looking at the lifemap, this portion of the run doesn’t show. Have noticed this same issue on out-and-back portions of other runs as well.

The street nodes and completion are all still correct, so it is mainly an irritant when going “hmm, I know I ran that road, let me see when” but then you can’t click to it.


Thanks for all you do, I love this site!

Interesting… I wonder if it’s from the simplification I added almost a month ago due to LifeMap crashing on mobile / Jagged lines in LifeMap - #46 by JamesChevalier

I’ll need to do some research…


Yeah unfortunately I was injured so haven’t logged on to city strides in months so can’t give you an idea of when this started happening :frowning:

I’ve noticed it on mine too. If you only show the activity it’s correct, but the out and backs are missing on the lifemap.
If I had to guess I would say it probably happened about a month ago.
The nodes show as completed so I wasn’t worried about it :slight_smile:

Hey James- I believe this issue does correspond with the “jagged lines” issue from last month. I have been getting it from time to time in my runs. For some reason, it has been inconsistent and does not happen on all synchs.

I also got this strange synch on a recent run. The street in question is Skillman Avenue:

This was a continous run with no pausing or stopping. The GPS purple line broke in two. Not sure if this is related. It only happened once that I can see:

Picture 1- Activity Synch

Picture 2- Lifemap

Picture 3- Close up of the break

I do plan on re-running that segment since I haven’t yet completed the whole street (so not a big deal at all if this is a solo incident). Just wanted to give you a heads up just in case. :wink:

As always, thanks for all your hard work. We really do appreciate it.

I wouldn’t bother @dljamet_1999 - this isn’t a data issue, it’s a display issue & one that likely isn’t going to be fixed by adding more data. If you zoom way in you can see how the green section also glitches out:

The issue here is that the map tiles aren’t rendering properly and it’s pushing the displayed data off a bit. This is probably a bug in Mapbox, since they’re fully handling the display of that green bit.
It’s possible that there’s something up with the query I built to collect the data in this tile format - I do remember when I was first building it out, I’d get tons of these odd cut-offs due to the query not doing something right :thinking: it’s been a minute and I can’t recall exactly :thinking:

@lydiabaggins Your account is private, so I can’t use it to verify anything, but @mchandschy has a public account so I can use that.
I did release a change a few minutes ago, but this did not correct the display of this section of 15th Ave so I’ll keep working on it.

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Thanks James, I don’t know if matters, but I’m almost positive that the activity with missing portions was entered manually in runkeeper. May not be important, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to let you know.
The change didn’t correct my map either.

The manually entered data probably plays some role in this, but overall … after a ton of debugging yesterday … it’s looking like the function I use to generate the map data automatically simplifies it.
I have some more research to do before coming up with a fix…