LifeMap Live not working

The Show Location button on my iPhone suddenly stopped working. I get the popup” Would Like to Access Motion and Orientation.
I click Allow and the blue circle/dot spins and spins.
I tried rebooting it, signing out and in, etc. GPS works on other walking apps.

Now I did update to iOS 16 a few days ago so it could be that and not the update, especially if nobody else is sees the issue.

I haven’t updated this code in a while, so nothing has changed in there…

I’ve also updated to iOS 16, and it’s working for me - I tap the ‘crosshairs’ button, and it prompts me twice: once for location access and once for direction access. If I enable LifeMap Live on another visit, I only get prompted once for location access & direction access “just works”.

In Settings → Privacy & Security. → Location Services (this is enabled) → Safari Websites, I have it set to “While Using the App” and I have “Precise Location” enabled.


Yes that seems to have worked. I set my Chrome for Settlings Location to “Ask Next Time or When I Share”, then I let Chrome prompt me and it now works properly.!

Thank you!
John Erwin

Hi there! Having difficulty getting my current location to load on my maps. I use this to help make sure I’m hitting my nodes, but to no avail. Could this be because of the latest iOS update? It asks me to allow access as normal, but when I do it just constantly spins as if it’s trying to load. Any insight or help would be great! :slight_smile:

Does this help? Sounds similar. Note: I don’t have Apple.

this worked for me!! thanks for directing me to the right place.

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