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I tried to find this in other threads and did not see it, apologies if I over looked it.

I signed up a few days ago and my profile indicates I have over 500 streets completed, but my lifemap seems to only include streets from a single run. (I am also missing the last 6 months of runs, but I replied to the appropriate thread for that).

Is there something I need to do to have my map show my streets?

Sam -

Your map looks good to me now, does it look right to you?

It sure does!! Thanks for the quick reply.

Actually, now that I look closer there are streets missing. Is there a delay between runs being uploaded and those streets appearing on the lifemap? For example this run: CityStrides which has 10 new streets completed does not have those completed streets on my lifemap. I think this run was uploaded somewhat recently though.

Yes, there can be a delay either due to processing or due to the caching of the map tiles.

If your lifemap doesn’t update for a day or two, reply here:

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I have ghost lines and not sure how to remove them. Here are several activities that caused them. If I delete the activities or edit the activities will they disappear. Several showed up when I synched Garmin account - some had already been fixed in Strava.

Tim -

Your garmin privacy keeps us from being able to see what you are talking about, but if you crop or edit a file and replace it on Garmin or Strava, if you delete the activity on CS, then as I understand the process it should load the new one once you post it to one of those services, then it will re-calculate your account based on the change once you progress through the backlog queue.

I really like to edit things when files get wonky.

How do I delete an activity on cs?

When you are viewing the activity you want to delete, go to the top right menu


My lifemap has long straight lines running all over the map. Can they be removed?
Roy Peterson

Hi @roypeterson - I am by no means an expert on this stuff, but I looked at your lifemap and it appears that all those straight lines are coming from activities you’ve logged. For example, one of them is going from Foster Park near the coast to Towne Ave and Base Line Rd shows up as an Oct 16, 2016 activity. (Although weirdly, the purple line has 182 km markers but the summary says it’s 34.46 km). Another one from Base Line and Towne going west is a Dec 22, 2018 activity. I don’t use a Garmin so don’t know how it is generating the data, but that seems to be the source of your errant straight lines.

Yeah, @perkyjonesmerch is right - this can happen if you start an activity, don’t stop it, close the app, drive away, and re-open the app … it’ll draw a line between the point that you closed the app & the point that you re-opened it. (some details here may not be exact but that’s the general idea)

If you can edit the activity in your tracking service (some allow this, some do not) then afterwards you can delete that one activity (do not revoke access; this deletes all your data) and re-sync it. This re-sync process varies across services… Runkeeper & MapMyFitness would be a ‘sync now’ from the top right menu for supporters … Strava & Garmin have single activity sync options in the settings page.

It took me a little while to confirm that you were right about the straight lines. Then it has taken me quite a while to “trim” the activities. My map looks a lot better now. Since I am not able, (someone said I could edit the activity with a software program but I have not figured out where to get the program and then I would have to learn it), I am going to drive the streets that are on one end of an activity and then trim that end off the activity. There were a group of streets to finish in one area and then I drove to another area and started the watch again and that put a straight line on the map. Thanks for your help in getting me on the right path to lose all those lines.

You can download the original .fit file from Garmin by clicking “Export original” in top right corner.
Delete the activity in Garmin and Citystrides.
Go to , click “Section Remover”, upload the .fit file and trim it.
Upload the new .fit file to Garmin

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