Lifemap Issue

I tried to find this in other threads and did not see it, apologies if I over looked it.

I signed up a few days ago and my profile indicates I have over 500 streets completed, but my lifemap seems to only include streets from a single run. (I am also missing the last 6 months of runs, but I replied to the appropriate thread for that).

Is there something I need to do to have my map show my streets?

Sam -

Your map looks good to me now, does it look right to you?

It sure does!! Thanks for the quick reply.

Actually, now that I look closer there are streets missing. Is there a delay between runs being uploaded and those streets appearing on the lifemap? For example this run: which has 10 new streets completed does not have those completed streets on my lifemap. I think this run was uploaded somewhat recently though.

Yes, there can be a delay either due to processing or due to the caching of the map tiles.

If your lifemap doesn’t update for a day or two, reply here:

I have ghost lines and not sure how to remove them. Here are several activities that caused them. If I delete the activities or edit the activities will they disappear. Several showed up when I synched Garmin account - some had already been fixed in Strava.

Tim -

Your garmin privacy keeps us from being able to see what you are talking about, but if you crop or edit a file and replace it on Garmin or Strava, if you delete the activity on CS, then as I understand the process it should load the new one once you post it to one of those services, then it will re-calculate your account based on the change once you progress through the backlog queue.

I really like to edit things when files get wonky.

How do I delete an activity on cs?

When you are viewing the activity you want to delete, go to the top right menu