LifeMap is blank

Quick update…

I found that the problem is bad data. Here’s an example activity (for however long the link remains active):

Bill’s quite the geometric artist, working off the coast of Ghana. :wink:

Now that I know the cause of the issue, I can start looking into how it can be fixed…


Nice… I’ve been (not) seeing the same thing

Just curious if a solution has been found as I two am having the issue. Wasn’t sure if it was caused by indoor/treadmill running?

I don’t know if this is useful to add…

… In other news… it’s actually a nice challenge for me to target streets without referring to the map. My wife is also happy that i’m not spending hours staring at a map… only minutes seeing if it’s restored…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

samteigen - In case you need to sneak a peek at your LifeMap you should be able to access it via Firefox browser.

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Thanks for the reminder. I had to update firefox to the current version for it to work.

When I log out, I’m able to see my lifemap.
When I’m logged in, it is not possible. (log in via Strava)


When I open my LifeMap I don’t see any of my runs. I can see other people’s LifeMaps and theirs looks fine.

My map is just an empty map even though I can see my activities have been synced and it shows 21% complete.

I’ve tried using different browsers and computers with no success.

Any idea what could’ve caused that?

Thank you!

I have the same issue, it’s all disappeared…

Have a look here, there was another post on it recently. @JamesChevalier gave tips on looking for errors in various web browsers.

i can see my activities from strava but they don’t show up in my lifetime map??? any ideas?

Do you mean you can see them in Strava or in citystrides from Strava? It could be your privacy settings! They need to be made public not private.

yes i see activities posted in city strides but they don’t show up on lifetime map. my privacy settings on strava have not changed and are public

Sorry buddy I’m not sure maybe someone else can answer that

Hey @doctorburns … sorry for the trouble - your issue is the same as this one:

I’m working through the issue with Mapbox now:

So far, it’s either looking like bad data or something having changed in Mapbox’s code.
(I’m going to merge this topic into that one, so there’s a single thread on this issue.)

Hi James,

For the past week or so I haven’t been able to see my stuff on the Safari browser, but can see it in Firefox FYI.

Is this a thing I can fix with my browser or is it a City Strides issue.


Safari, Firefox and Chrome are all blank for me… and it doesn’t seem to matter if I’m logged in or not…

Of other commenters on this thread… Only Vincent B shows up (518). Don (4746), Egg (3016), Jason (2768, Lucas (5486), Rufus (2510) and Bill (5560) are all blank for me . I see this in the Java Script log " console.error(event.error);" “evented.js:136 Error”

Thanks for the great bug reporting! I’m away on vacation right now, but I’ll work on this when I get back.

I’m unsure if it’s related to some other Mapbox issues I’ve been working with them on - I might be blocked … we’ll see!