Lifemap gives error

If I try to view my Lifemap, I see the map, no runs draw on it, and after a few seconds I see “Error: Something went wrong.” I can see other people’s lifemaps. Here is my link:,-117.18680231791058&12.612859481207257

Any ideas what is going on? Am I maybe hitting the activity count limit? I was using Chrome on Windows 10 (and was signed in). I tried it in Firefox and Edge on the same Windows 10 machine, and in Chrome incognito, and in those I don’t get a message but nothing ever draws.


Oh yay! I found Can't see any streets on my LifeMap and saw about clearing the data in settings, and it looks like my map is back and all happy. Sorry for the extra post! I really wouldn’t have been surprised if hitting the activity limit as I have quite a few :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! It’s the old guaranteed “you’ll figure out how to fix it yourself as soon as you ask for help”

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