Lifemap generation

This is just a topic to let you know that Lifemap generation status is wrong/behind. I’m a supporter and its been about 6 hours and it hasn’t updated as of yet. Status page says 6 min for non-supporters.


I see your recent activity from March 3 in your LifeMap now, so the data is eventually being generated. :thinking: I wouldn’t have expected a 6 hour delay, though.

One potential clarification:
The LifeMap generation queue is displayed in the Tile Generation Delay area in CityStrides
This section of the status page is poorly named (it matches the actual data but it doesn’t help you at all). I’ve renamed this to LifeMap Generation Delay, to be a bit more helpful.
It’s possible that you were looking at the Activity Processing Delay, because that has non-supporter times (whereas the Tile Generation Delay is only for supporters).

Either way - it took more than 6 hours for you to see an updated LifeMap. :thinking:

I queue up the job to generate this LifeMap data early in the process. It isn’t affected by the Activity Processing Delay at all. This leaves either the Tile Generation Delay or browser caching as the only two places where a delay can exist.
After your next activity, check the Status page to make sure there’s no Tile/LifeMap Generation Delay (depending on whether I get around to releasing that name change), and if there’s no delay try waiting about 20 minutes from the time of completing your activity and refreshing your browser while holding the shift key.
You have a decent number of activities, so your LifeMap generation will probably take 15-20 minutes each time it runs - that’s why I’m having you wait a little. Holding the shift key down while refreshing the page will force the browser to reset its cache. Another option here is to view the LifeMap in a private/incognito window.

Hi James, ironically about 10 min after I posted this thread it updated. I was looking at the Tile Generation delay section at the time. The rest of the activity processed quickly. Last week I was seeing similar delays on completed streets part of the processing as well. Thats why I made that status feature post so you know what step is processing or in the queue to process. If I see it happen again I’ll try a shift refresh to see if it has any affect.