LifeMap Default Center


Every time I view the LifeMap, it seems to be centered on NSW, Australia - which is great - I’m in the suburbs of Sydney… but I always have to zoom out a few levels, then scroll right across to Sydney to Zoom back in (The ‘center’ of NSW is about 500km from where I live).

I noticed when I first started using the site that in my Settings page, I can set a Default City (which has a tooltip of ‘LifeMap city center’). I would have assumed that setting this would have changed my default map center, but it does not. I have tried setting to ‘Burwood Municipality’ and ‘Ashfield Municipality’ (both in Sydney), with no luck.

It’s not a huge problem, just wanted to point out that this feature may not be working (or I’ve misunderstood it completely).
I’m curious as to where it instead pulls NSW from, since that at least seems to be sticking!

Still also hopeful that the rest of Sydney’s ‘cities’ can eventually be added to the site too :wink:

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Same problem/quirk here - I’ve set my default city to an outer borough of London, but the lifemap always opens to Hackney, which is a much more central borough although not the centre of London and not somewhere I’ve been. No big deal - I’ve just thought of it as a quirk of the site - but I’d love to know why it happens!