LifeMap crashing on mobile / Jagged lines in LifeMap

:link: My profile link : Marshall Butler - CityStrides

Saw there were infrastructure changes last night and wondering if that is the reason my lifemap is crashing on mobile?

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Can you share some more details?

  • You posted about 13mins ago (as of me typing this), is that when you started seeing the crashes?
  • Is there a certain set of steps to reproduce the issue?
  • Is it happening on certain pages or is it every map if your LifeMap is toggled on?
  • Can you share a description or screenshot of what the crash looks like?

Started noticing it last night when my lifemap would start to load then hang.

Today it begins to load then crashes:

Added Dropbox links so you don’t need to download:

Thanks for the video!
I am able to reproduce the issue with your LifeMap, so that will make it easier to debug.

I do notice that your city page works for me, so in the meantime you might be able to use Marshall Butler is running Jacksonville, Florida - CityStrides instead.

I’ll reply again when I have more info…

As always, thank you for the prompt response. Appreciate all you do.

I spoke too soon about the city page - that also tends to blank out / reload while zooming & panning. :sweat:


I’m having a problem this morning with my life map refreshing repeatedly, then if I zoom in at all I get this message:

I’m using an iphone14 with most up to date IoS

:link: My profile link : Claire Avery's Map View - CityStrides

Anyone else having this problem at all? I knew there have been some changes recently so wondering if it’s linked to that?

Thanks as always for looking into it James!

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I started having this issue as well beginning yesterday. It is crashing on the lifemap page as well as on individual cities pages.

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I don’t have a resolution, yet.

I’m seeing massive memory use in the browser while viewing each LifeMap. Interactions that cause more LifeMap data to be requested continue to balloon out the memory use. This is likely the core cause of mobile browsers force-reloading the page and eventually fully erroring out.
I haven’t been able to spot anything that was changed browser-side that could cause this. I tried downgrading the Mapbox version, since that was the most directly related, but that didn’t change anything.

I’m also seeing responses for LifeMap data in the megabytes when they should all be a couple kilobytes. The size difference doesn’t seem to align with the overall browser memory use - I’m not seeing responses sum up to the gigabytes that the browser is using.
This part could be tied to the database version updates that recently went out. I noticed some mentions of reindexing possibly being required, so I’m working through that now.

Minor status update: The particular index rebuild that I hope will help the most looks like it might finish up around 1am Eastern.


I remember this being an issue on mobile a few years ago. I could never load my lifemap on my phone. But then you made a change that fixed the crashes. I’ll dig through my email and see if I can find anything.

Yeah, that was back when I was using a completely different underlying data setup. It was a single file that some devices just couldn’t handle. The setup these days is a thing called “tiles” so the browser only requests the small amount it needs as it needs it.

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Same here. iPhone. Both safari and chrome crash. Not only lifemap. Also citymap. CAnt use it.

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Hi James. I am seeing this too, on iOS/Safari. I think I first noticed it on 2/2/24 around 7 am PST.

I took a look at the map this morning and noticed the lines are way choppier than before. It’s especially noticeable if you zoom in on a diagonal. Or almost anywhere, really. I’m not sure if this is due to the new infrastructure update, but the smoother lines were much better looking.

I happened to screenshot an area a couple days ago, so you can see the difference here, even at this low zoom:

Here’s a zoomed in section where it’s very obvious:

This is likely caused by the infrastructure changes last night. It’s not expected/planned, and I’m seeing other performance issues, so I’m looking into this.


I figured that might be the cause, but I wasn’t sure if this was a change to reduce some sort of load on the site. I did notice the site was moving a little slowly too, so your explanation makes sense. Thanks for looking into it!

Some questions I’m moving from the Water Station chat into this thread…

A) Does it happen on the individual activity pages? (if so can you share a link?)
B) Where in the world are you?
C) Is it for the whole LifeMap or certain activities within the LifeMap?
D) Is it for certain zoom levels or overall bad?

A) Kind of, yeah? It’s a little less obvious on the activity lines since the lines themselves are thicker. The activity lines have never exactly matched up to the lifemap from my experience: Andy's activity on January 23, 2024 - CityStrides

B) Central Indiana

C) The whole lifemap. Here is a specific area and a screenshot of what it looks like for me. Andy's Map View - CityStrides

D) The issue is definitely present at all zoom levels but it is harder to see from a further out zoom. The closer you zoom in, the choppier it looks.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with where the data is pulled from? My account is linked to Garmin. I was looking at other lifemaps and most are linked to Strava and didn’t seem to have this issue.

Here is an example that I can show of choppy lines of the before and after. The first image was from about a month ago when I missed a street and took a screenshot to remind me to go back (LOL). The second screenshot is from today.

Not the biggest deal, but it shows different than before.

As for individual activity, yesterdays run was the first time i had seen this:

I am referring to Grant Avenue.

1st picture is from the sync onto Lifemap from runkeeper. The 2nd is what came thru. The 3rd is from activity page close up.

I figured that there was “fuzziness” on my end of the Lifemap.

Again, definitely not a big deal. Just thought I would share if it helps.

Thanks for all your hard work James!