Lifemap and city maps are blank, new run not uploaded but didn't update streets

I tried adding _beta to the end of the city and life maps as mentioned in a previous post but it didn’t do anything. The maps worked great the first few days of creating a Citystrides profile, but suddenly they all stopped. Now I see no traces of what ran at all. I am using a mac air and an iPhone and it works on neither anymore. I thought maybe it was necessary to become a paid subsriber so I paid and then tried to sync but nothing. This is kind of frustrating. Help?


Sorry for the trouble. :slightly_frowning_face:

Your account is private, so I can’t click around the site to see anything first hand but that’s ok - you don’t need to change privacy settings for us to work through this. :+1:

Here’s what I think happened…
Your maps were working ok while your activities were syncing into CityStrides. Eventually, there were enough synced in that broke that map view (it’s an issue I’m working on that lots of data can stop the LifeMap from working). Then you became a subscriber, which queued the background work to build the map data used in that _beta page. But, I can still see your job is present in that queue - it hasn’t completed yet, so that _beta page is going to be blank until there’s data to show.

I’m going to figure out a way to manually generate that data for the _beta map now, and I’ll reply back here when I’m done. At that time, you can try that _beta map to see if it works. :crossed_fingers:

Wow you have a lot of data. :flushed:
Check out now and let me know if it works properly.

Thanks James, that does work for my life map and I also see my latest run is now showing and my progress is recorded! Sweet thank you

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