Leaderboard for my city?

I can see some people talks about a leaderboard, but where is it ?

Is it possibly for me to see the leaderboard for my home city ?

Some have been referring to the list of people in a city as the leaderboard, because it orders them by percentage complete.
So any city page will include that list to the left of the map (on desktop, on mobile it’s below the map) … you may need to switch over to that “tab” to see the list.

  1. Go to your Profile. You’ll see a list of all your cities.
  2. Click on the name of any city. You’ll be taken to the city page.
  3. Click on the word/tab “Striders”, which takes you to see all users working on that city.

You can also search for Cities (and see the relevant Striders) from the Cities search page (Cities - CityStrides)


Thanks to both of you for the answers :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that the Local Government that you suggest best suits what is intended by Citystrides.
It probably suits those in Brisbane as it is both a city and Local Government area. Once you move away from the SE corner of the State, it becomes a different story.
If we look at the area of Brisbane City Council it is only 1,343km2 where as where I reside, in Mackay Regional Council, that incorporates several townships, and the area is 7,622km2. If we want to go further west to Longreach Regional Council you are looking at a 40,638km2 also incorporating several townships.
I believe the Admin_level_10 that was used to define city in Australia works for those wanting to complete their town and it gives a reasonable target to run.
When I look at the rest of the Citystrides world and how they work cities and nested cities I think that is similar.

I understand. The problem is now that in Brisbane, this website has changed from “City Strides” to “Suburb Strides with a double up of City”.