Leaderboard Amsterdam?

I have now covered > 31 % but i still can See a leader in Amsterdam? Is ther something I donot know ?

Could it be your privacy settings ?
I can’t see you have run anything at all.

do you mean in Runkeeper? Or somewhere in Citystrides?

I have run/walked quit a lot and citystrides just beautifully sums it up. Citystrides is able to import Runkeeper and calculate the numbers so I do not understand why it is needed to share for everone my Runkeeper for the leaderboard or am I missing something

aha, there is a leader now in Amsterdam :slight_smile:
The catch is I had to give everyone permissions to read and my privacy was set to friends only.
Wouldn’t it be possible to giv a percentage only if no privacy was et or alternatively is it possible to ‘see’ Citystrides as a fried instead of everyone?