Last Run Streets Didn't Update

My last run says I had zero new or completed streets despite running in a new area. Any thoughts on how to correct this?


We just have to wait … I have 3.2 million jobs in the queue right now :grimacing:
I’m hopeful that they’ll all be done by sometime tomorrow … we’ll see! :crossed_fingers:

Awesome, thanks James!

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Should be wrapped up now, @aldo1010 … let me know if you’re still having issues!

Having the same issue for my last run from today and my run from yesterday only showed 1 street progressed and I’m sure that I ran on some different streets both days. If it is just a matter of waiting until queued jobs complete, that is fine… just didn’t know if anything needed to happen manually to reprocess or not.

Really love this site, although is a bit addicting trying to create new routes to continue to progress and complete streets.

Thanks for all your hard work!


I’m going to wait before looking into this, because there was another group of people signing up for the first time. I’ve got another 3.5 million jobs to work through. These backlogs usually get worked through fairly quickly, so hopefully I’ll be able to take a look either later tonight or tomorrow.

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Sounds good, thanks again!


Is the run processing first-in/first-out for a given user’s runs (so ignoring any priority given to others’ runs)? I am asking b/c my 12/22 run has been processed and I can see the complete/partial progress results, but my 12/21 run is still at 0/0 streets and definitely should have had some of both.

Thanks for the great site, I’ve definitely started finding new corners of town to poke around in, lately! :slight_smile:

Hey @nifft555 … yeah, there’s a huge amount of background job load right now, so things are taking quite a long time. There are 7 million jobs (down from a peak of ~12m) in the queue now, which I’d hope to finish up within 3 days or so. Given your activity was from the 21st, you should probably be somewhere near the front of that queue now (if it’s not already done).

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James - the 12/21 run still shows 0 streets completed or in-progress. When I looked at the streets in question, compared against the Morgantown city limits, it appears NONE of the streets are claimed by any town. Is that the issue? If so, are the completions remembered in case they ever are included in a future city or are annexed into Morgantown?

Related to completions - is there something we could do to help get nodes fixed so we don’t end up with un-finished streets due to nodes that can’t be reached? I’ve already reported several of these within Morgantown, but saw in another post that your backlog of those could mean you never get them fixed. Happy to try to help, if there’s anything I could do myself.


Oh yeah @nifft555 … check out the border for Morgantown. It excludes Tanglewood. My data is coming from OpenStreetMap and Google Maps displays it the same way. I’m unsure which city that area of streets is in

It is possible to reprocess activities for newly added cities - it just requires a little bit of effort from me because it doesn’t happen so often.

I’ve got another “node management” feature idea that I’ve got mentally tied to the “fix the flagged streets process” issue. Something that would use Mapbox’s draggable marker feature, allowing us to add/move Nodes around… I have the same worry/problem with this feature in that we all have to trust the people who have access to modify data, or there has to be some reasonably thorough verification process for changes…

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Tanglewood appears to be a tiny unincorporated ‘town’ all its own:

I use ‘town’ loosely, considering the small number of streets and total lack of businesses other than apartment complexes.