Jetways getting imported into CS

Someone did quite a bit of OSM editing to to the DFW Airport in Grapevine, Texas - CityStrides. I don’t know if this is recent, but I just noticed it.

The airport is in the lower right (SE) corner of Grapevine. Several “Jetways” have been added and named, and have nodes. Terminal D seems to have the most, but other terminals have them too.

Here’s the area on OSM (log in may be required):

Perhaps ways of feature type “jetway” need to be omitted in the import query?

Note: At the “import query” link above there is a link " Overpass query that I use to collect the streets" and it does not seem to open the same thing as the query (image) in the post (#2 by @JamesChevalier) OSM editing guidelines

Hope this makes sense.

PS. I doubt anyone, well maybe a pilot, will be able to get 100% of Grapevine. Though John Studebaker is close! Maybe all he’s missing are the jetways!

Edit: This OSM link should not require log in, I hope: OpenStreetMap

Oddly, the jetways do not show up until you do log in. :man_facepalming:

These are highway=corridor, I seem to remember these were discussed before. Shouldn’t corridors be excluded from CS?

Can’t you just outrun airport security/the military? :sweat_smile: