James, we salute you!

Just thought I’d give the support forum a different meaning. Let’s all give a shoutout to James!

@JamesChevalier: I know you are very busy right now, and might be cursing your decision to change the underlying data of the site. But I think it is the right thing to do and it will lead to an even better City Strides.

So, thank you for all your hard work, past, present and future. I salute you! :bowing_man:


Thank you!

Yeah, the transition into this new data is not going as planned. Sorry for the trouble, everyone. I do think it’s the right move, so I think it’ll be worth it.

Also lol I love that this went into the #support category.


100% agree! My motivation to run has been maxed out since discovering this site. I love this site @JamesChevalier and understand it must be tough job running it solo. Keep up the good work!


Completely agree. Getting older makes it harder to want to keep pounding the pavement. James and Citistrides rejuvenated me and other runners I have spoken to. Thanks for all your hardwork!! It is truly appreciated.


Agreed. The system works well most of the time, and the hiccups are typically because of worthwhile attempts at improvement.


Agree. Huge kudos to @JamesChevalier for all the work on this. Easy to get carried about complaining about bugs. But I love the site and the info it provides.