Is Percentage Complete based on number of streets or distance?

Hey! Does anyone know if the completion % is the % of distance in the city or the percent of streets?

Street progress is percentage of the completed nodes & city progress is percentage of the completed streets. I don’t have mileage data (yet?)…


Oooh. Mileage data was be awesome! That way my friends can’t tease me I’m doing the short streets first. :rofl:

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Um, I’m guessing you’re already aware of this problem, but I went from having quite few cities having high percentages completed (including my target of finishing off a big personal milestone of Boulder, CO soon; I was at ~80% and closing in for the kill), to having no cities/streets completed in my record. Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch as you transition to the new database?

Sounds like it might be relevant to Global Coverage Support … Would you mind reading through the pinned post in there, to see if it applies?

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