Invalid Credentials for login w/ Strava

OK … the daily limit just reset, and I deleted the massive queue of jobs so I don’t immediately break through the limit again.

Logins should work now.
New activities will start appearing as they usually do right after you complete them.
Missing activities will slowly start to appear in the site - it may take some days. I have removed the “sync now” feature from the site so that we don’t accidentally the whole thing again.


Can it be that because of the update my ´supporter status´ is lost, or will this re-appear after a couple of days?

Yes, the ‘sync now’ feature has been temporarily disabled for everyone.

Hi James,

I cant login to Citystrides anymore… I always get this error.

Could not authenticate you from Strava because “Invalid credentials”.

I logged out of Strava. Changed password, logged back in. Nothing helped. It’s not working… Any idea on how to fix this ?

Thanks for your work.

I am having the same issue

Looks like it’s a known problem.

ok - thanks !! I missed that post :slight_smile: